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Monday, 20 June 2016

Unpopular Opinions - Beauty

I always like seeing people post things like this, sometimes it's nice to find out that you're not the only person with a certain opinion!

Today I will write about things that I either see raved about in beauty blogging or just generally beauty related, I might just do other unpopular opinion posts about different topics if you all like them!

1. My first unpopular opinion is that I really don't like the see through plastic make up organisers. Firstly, they are just cheap plastic perpex, there are so many pretty small drawers out there, why these! Secondly I think they look messy, I want drawers to hide things that look like clutter. And as for the stand up lipstick ones, how on earth do you know which lipstick is which! And you can't put them upside down because most lipsticks don't have flat tops!

2. Make-up palettes, they are all the rage right now, there are palettes for everything! Eyeshadows of course they always have, but now all different kinds of makeup. My problem is that any palette I've ever had I pretty much use one or two shade and never look at them again. Below are a few of my own palettes, as you can see, some get used loads, most get totally neglected!

 How people spend £50 on things like that eg. the Alice in Wonderland palette below where, to me there are quite a few totally unuseable shades (green!). I'll stick to my individual products and smaller cheaper eye shadow palettes!

3. Mascara, yes mascara. Just in general, I think it's awful to wear. I naturally have quite long dark eyelashes (yes I am so glad), so I don't wear it unless I am going out somewhere (like on a night out, to an event, for a meal - something nice like that). I hate the heavy hard feeling on my lashes, and it's horrible to get off, well unless your eyes water then it's a jet black waterfall! Maybe I just need to poke myself in the eye to get it off?

4. Loreal true match foundation - a well talked about foundation in the beauty blogger world and a lot of bloggers really like it. Me and my mum both got it separately and bought the complete wrong shade, I got too dark, she got too light. It may have been us being stupid but maybe the colours aren't very clear? When I tried hers cos the colour was better suited I had the problem that it's super liquidy and highlights every crease, wrinkle and imperfection on my face (mum had the same problem) I should have known really, on the front it says "precisely matches skin colour and texture" Well the picture below says precisely, my bottle says perfectly? Anyway I'm pretty sure I want a foundation to do the opposite of that! 

5. I might get an onslaught of blogger type abuse for this but Mac Lipsticks, the most talked about little black lipsticks! Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate them and I've only tried a small few of them. I think the colour selection is incredible, but for £15 lipsticks they leave my lips in an absolute state (remember using that word in like primary school "staaaaate" ha!). I think the matte formula are the most drying thing ever, after splurging a bit on this Nars one and scrimping a bit on the NYX one mentioned in this post I'm really not a fan! They're both much more moisturising and creamy. And i definitely think there is much nicer lipstick packaging, sorry not sorry.

What do you think about these 5 things? Do you love or hate them? What are your beauty related unpopular opinions?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

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