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Wednesday, 30 July 2014


This past few weeks we have had absolutely lovely weather (even in the North of England, would you believe) And it really makes me appreciate where I live.

There's enough bad news about the area in which I live to fill the country and there is a very negative attitude towards it. But if you take the time to explore you might find something special.

A picture will never do the justice this kind of view deserves. I forget sometimes just how privileged I am to have this at such a short distance. People travel for miles to get to scenery like this.

So as the weathers dipping and windy tops of hills are much less appealing, think of the quieter places without the problems, without the News just you and your thoughts.

Oh and we saw some puppies...

There was definitely non-human awwwing noises being made!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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