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Saturday, 12 July 2014

A Walk in the Park...

This weekend in England seems to be showing the peak of our summer, whilst still covered in cloud the sticky humidity is warming the air up to a warm temperature of 23°C. This seemed the best opportunity this year to get my shorts on, flash the milky white legs and go somewhere I've not been before. 

Me and my boyfriend - Andrew - went to Crookes Valley Park and Weston Park in Sheffield city centre. There is another park called The Ponderosa (we only had two hours of parking, so two parks was enough for one day). The parks are little pockets of calm and peace within the hustle and bustle of the jam packed city centre. 

 Crookes Valley Park

This park consists of a large fishing pond/lake/whatever you'd like to call it. The water was so clear around the edges that you could see different kinds of fish swimming around, Carp and Roach (see I've been listening), not easy to get those kinds of pictures on an iPhone camera.

There were a few fisherman sat around the lake and there were ducks and birds, including some very tiny ducklings - cue gawky awwing noises coming from me

Weston Park

Weston Park consisted of a lot of grassland, various statues/monuments, a band stand a museum and a much smaller duck pond, with pigeons ducks and geese galore! I have mentioned before that my boyfriend is a fishermen, so we were in that much of a rush to get to the duck pond to see if there were fish that I didn't get chance to photograph everything!

Due to the brightness of the sky I couldn't do this tree justice. You can just about see the amount of pigeons sat in this tree, and that's just on a couple of branches, I was amazed!

There are no pictures of myself in this, I decided to give my skin a day off make-up due to the shocking state it's currently in, what better time to do it than when there's nobody you know around! My skin is still a glorious shade of white, but I always enjoy exploring new parts of Sheffield (nearly two years living here and there are still gems like this just on my doorstep!)

Your first step to exploring the world is at your front door

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Rachel xx

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