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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Let's Go Back To Prom

Since there's proms going on everywhere right now, an appropriate post is a prom throwback! It doesn't feel very long ago but it was four years, four years since I left school! I won't bore you again with my age crisis and instead throw lots of old pictures at you. 

(note: me and most of my friends are in very similar colours and, unfortunately, it wasn't actually planned. We're clearly just too similar!)

And this is a post from the time before the word selfie existed, so not a selfie in sight. And no drawn on eyebrows, it was a different time.

After hours and hours and days of searching for a prom dress everywhere, and I mean everywhere, I finally came across this little gem in Jane Norman all places, not the usual prom dress shop. My mum was over the moon with the price (I won't give away all my secrets). The waist band wasn't even slightly stretchy and was a bit of a nightmare to get into - I definitely couldn't get in now - but overall it was a good little dress!

 Of course a swooshy dress picture

 Love this picture above, so cute.

On this picture you can just about see my earrings, people who know me now know that I don't have my ears pierced, but I used to have! I bought some really nice earrings that matched with my necklace and tried to put them in to find out one of my ears had completely healed up! Emergency trip to Claire's, they wouldn't re-pierce because it was full of scar tissue, and here we have, clip on earrings, like I'm about 8!

I still like my prom dress unlike a lot of people a few years on!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx


  1. Hi Rachel, you look so stunning in this dress, love the soft aqua hue, really pretty. Thanks for your comment... Hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

    1. Aww thank you! it was definitely the colour that attracted me to it in the first place!