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Sunday, 31 January 2016

If I was a Cartoon Character...

In the cartoon world everything is a little bit different(stick with me here), it's a world that would live without fashion bloggers, without any point in clothes shops or shoe shops and without that panic in the morning of what to wear. Of course we've all noticed that Cartoon characters never change their clothes (or very rarely anyway). It makes them very easy for a fancy dress costume.

They tend to have a set of clothes that says something about them as a character.

I sometimes wonder, if I was a cartoon character, what would I be wearing?

We'd all love to say we'd be wearing the nicest of the nice, but really, what do you consistently wear the most?

I have a feeling, anybody who has lived with me, or been to my house (at home or at uni), or even had snapchats off me would easily say my character would be wearing a leopard print dressing gown. Amazingly styled outfit below 

Much less glamorous (still singing that Fergie song to spell that word - throw back or what!) than I would have hoped, but realistically that is what I wear the most.

Maybe my character would then have that as my home outfit, what would I wear outside of the house then?

For the last couple of years my wardrobe mostly consists of high waisted jeans, a crop top and a pair of boots, - oh and Christmas socks -  so that seems the obvious answer!

Is there ever a point when you have too many pairs of boots?

What about you, if you were a cartoon, what would you be wearing?

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  1. Interesting idea - love the leopard print dressing gown! I think I would be wearing a black crop top, ripped high waisted denim shorts and a leather jacket!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Yours sounds much more stylish than mine! Think I need to up my style game from leopard print!