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Sunday, 3 January 2016

January Resolutions

Long time no see!

This post is all about new year and new resolutions. (bet you've not seen any of those blog posts about yet... ok so zero for originality but I'm writing a post so leave me to it!) As you may or may not know from previous posts (here) I'm not a fan of New Year resolutions. They are destined to fail, way too much pressure and usually completely unrealistic.

Last year I started my resolutions in February, this year I'm going to attempt to start my resolutions on the first Monday of the new year (yes tomorrow, short notice!).

My resolutions are all about looking after me this year. 

I need to start looking after myself better, so getting back to my skincare routine, eating better, drinking water (this was on my last years resolutions and I am loads better at this so I want it to continue - water is now my drink of choice with a meal #adult)

To have less days with chipped nail varnish, maybe top up the chipped parts, or maybe not leave it a week or more until I take the chipped stuff off.

Keep on top of plucking my eyebrows, I've had some horrific scenes on my face over the last few months. Oh and shave my legs more, it's just SO much effort.

I think as a summary, just having more me time is essential. Give myself more time to focus on me and making myself happy, not everything has to be 100 MPH at all times.

My next lot of resolutions might be easier to accomplish once all the little stresses of my life have been removed. Spend more time (a lot more) on my blog, writing posts, reading posts, commenting on posts. I will eventually redesign my blog, maybe one day create a name I like - I've always been rubbish at naming anything, god forbid I ever have children, they will be baby 1 and baby 2 (more like puppy 1 and puppy 2). I intend to tweet more, instagram more and connect with people.

Instagram - @racheleiwood

Twitter - @ReiwWood

Follow me if you don't already, it might inspire me to use them more!

I aim to find my first job to includes writing, and if that fails then I will go and study for a masters.

First things first, I need to get up of my bum and stop needing a full day to recover from my nights out!

Let me know your resolutions or if I've given you any ideas for your own


Rachel xx

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