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Monday, 13 October 2014

The Old Town

A little bit delayed, but this will be the last of my series of holiday posts. As I mentioned in the overall post about my holiday, I have given more detailed posts about Hipparchos Observatory and now it is the time for The Old Town, which is located in Rhodes Town. 

The old town is packed with tiny, windy market streets, shops upon shops. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any pictures of the shops, it was way too warm with that many people. We visited The Old Town twice in our weeks holiday. 

Each corner just brought something new and gorgeous to look at, we had missed some parts so we were definitely glad to go back.

 Wish I could have gotten a straight on picture of this but there was so many people trying to do the same!
 After well over an hour of dragging ourselves through the many market streets, in something like 35 degree heat, we had never been happier to see the sea!

This was our second day going, so we'd took a different route through the town, it was quite a bit later in the day and a lot cooler, so we took our time a bit more

 It still was very busy, so very difficult to avoid other people in your pictures, we definitely photobombed in the background of a few peoples pictures (naughty)

Just photo proof of my horrible posture!

I hadn't intended on putting so many pictures on this post but there's just so many things to see within the old town. On the first few pictures you can see just inside the town walls, on one side was the rest of Rhodes town and on the other side, all this beauty.

This town is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe, which may date back to the 3rd century BC ( I did my research!

I would definitely advise a visit to this gorgeous place, but definitely not at midday!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

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