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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hipparchos Observatory

Following the recent holiday post I wanted to delve into more detail on the Observatory we visited whilst in Faliraki.

In my pre-holiday Tripadvisor searching I stumbled across this gem of a find. Hipparchos Observatory and Astronomy Cafe-Bar (yes it is a mouthful of a name!) I'm not one for simply baking in the sun on holiday and neither is my boyfriend so we had to find things to do and I thought this was just a little bit different!

As you can imagine, the observatory was on top of a rather large hill, dragging ourselves up that with a hangover resulted in more than a few complaints. However there was some gorgeous views of the bay.

When we finally got to the Observatory, after many a wrong turn and much longer than it should have taken, it is a very badly signposted place (the staff said their signs had been stolen! - research your route before you go, unlike us!), it was gorgeous views all around, Faliraki town on one side, hills upon hills on another, the sea stretching for miles, it really was impressive. 

 Yes it was very windy! It was such a gorgeous place, the cafe-bar was a little pricey, but they had freshly made milkshakes which were a godsend when we got to the top of the 

There is a lovely little area in front of the cafe with all sorts of different things. Many of them I didn't understand but were interesting to look at! Below are the ones we did understand, our star sign constellations which is pretty cool!

We didn't realise the trip came with a demonstration in the observatory for only 1 Euro each! They took the two of us up and showed us different stars, planets, star clusters etc. (unfortunately the moon wasn't there when we visited), we were a little disappointed the telescope didn't go closer, but for only 1 Euro, who's complaining!

Overall a very interesting trip, which apart from very achy legs and a worsened hangover, was well worth it!

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