A Strawberry Daiquiri Please - Rachel Ellen

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Strawberry Daiquiri Please

Last week I returned from my holiday to the sunny Greek Island of Rhodes, slap bang into the cold miserable British Autumn. Here's a few of the better pictures of the lovely week of sun, sea, sand, food and drink.

 There will be a post in a few days all about the observatory in the above picture

 Yes we did have to put sunglasses on just to get a decent picture #notaphotogeniccouple 

 I will also do another post about the picture above and Rhodes Town.

Pictures speak louder than words so I'll leave this post as it is. Make sure you check out the next two holiday posts, Saturday will be the next one!


Rachel xx


  1. It looks fantastic! I've never been to Rhodes, but some of the other Greek islands and I love it :) Hope you had the best vacation!


    1. Rhodes is definitely a lovely one! I'd love to explore more of them! Thank you I definitely did x