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Sunday, 19 March 2017

An Ode to Winter

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring (woohoo!) We're getting much more daylight, the occasional sunny day and a little warmth in our lives, which I am loving!

So I thought, in an ode to Winter, I would just show off a couple of pairs of boots I've got this year that I loved, before they go in to cupboard until colder days (actually they won't, I love to wear boots all year round but you get the idea)

For a couple of years I'd been wearing the same brown and black pairs of boots, I adored them like my own children but they had holes in, I had to keep colouring one of my brown ones in with sharpie (I'm a student, don't judge). So new boots were in order this winter.

First, my boots that I got for my birthday in November. My khaki green Timberlands, as soon as I saw them I was totally in love, though they have taken some effort to wear them in properly, the inside at the back isn't the best shape, for the price that's not really ok. But I still love them

Next, a very recent buy, these beauties were in the New Look sale for £12 which I thought was amazing, they're wide fit and pretty comfy, although, in future I need to remember to take pictures before various evening escapades that involve drink splashes :(

Winter, it has to be said, I will almost miss you. But I will dread your arrival once again. In the mean time, summer, can you be a little less disappointing?

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