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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Vegetarian Update

Being vegetarian, so far, is a lot easier than I thought, ignoring a chicken stock cube I used because I don't want to be wasteful with food.

My mum requested that I be totally honest with how I'm feeling about the whole thing so hear we go. I have a couple of times had a bit of stomach ache when I've eaten large amounts of vegetables. It can take your stomach a bit to get used to that, but in the best kind of way.

The only time so far that I struggled a bit without meat was Saturday night. I went to the pub with some uni friends, after a few drinks we were peckish, everyone went to KFC and me and my veggie friend had tuna sandwiches at Subway. I don't really enjoy eating KFC anyway, but a tuna sandwich didn't really fit the bill. Maybe I should have had a patty, has anyone tried one?

But along with that, I've had some really exciting meals. Last night, me and my house mate made a really nice vegetable lasagna with:
And then the rest normal lasagna ingredients. I was a bit worried as I'm not a fan of a lot of vegetables but when it's all mixed in you can't really tell!

We had a bit of an odd moment trying to soak the lasagna sheets before putting them in, so we had lasagna crowns all around the kitchen!

Last week, I made a spinach and sweet potato bake, which actually was so much nicer than it sounded, super easy to make as well! Check the BBC recipe here

Have I inspired you to try more vegetarian dishes? Or is there any you think I should try?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx


  1. My go to veggie dish is thie chilli full of flavour and you can make it mild if you like. I always make too much but you can freeze it which saves you cooking fresh every day.. Also Buddha bowls are great for protein and keeping your energy levels up.. I can't find my specific one but I got it off Pinterest... Join the Veggie clan Rach its way more fun!

    1. That chilli recipe does look amazing, definitely one to try! Buddha bowls do look an easy way to eat. I didn't realise you were in the veggie crew, it's getting easier and easier though! x