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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

1 Month of Being Vegetarian

Four weeks ago I set myself a task, no meat for the whole of February. 

It was a challenge, but I found some new recipes, I bought things I'd never bought before (aubergine, I didn't even know what the inside looked like) and I cooked equally as badly as I would if I was eating meat, though with less food poisoning.

But why did I do it. 

First, I'm a big fan of animals, I always have been and I've always disassociated the idea of meat from animals, ridiculous I know. 

Second, it's actually really bad for the environment, the emissions released from the meat industry are bad, my advice is to google it if you want more info. 

Third, I actually don't enjoy the taste of most meat very much, and recently was enjoying chicken less and less.

But, to the question everyone's (Yes everyone, I think they mentioned it at the Oscars, or was that the wrong envelope?) been asking. What is the future of my dietary life?

I think I COULD be vegetarian forever, but there are certain things I would miss.

I think what is important for me, is to not waste meat. Not to eat it for the sake of it. But to eat a meat because I really enjoy it.

I'm not going to rush out tomorrow and buy myself a bacon butty (although...) But I think I might take the title of a Meat Reducer. It's not hip and cool, it's not going to go in my Twitter or Insta bio like veggie or vegan might do. But I think if this was everyone's view, we could make a massive difference to the amount of meat usage in the country, we are a very privileged society who have this choice, we are not fighting for food, so why shouldn't we reduce our intake?

Have I inspired anyone to give veggie a go?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

Ps. If anyone else wants to try being veggie or vegan, try not to do it in a vegetable crisis. 

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  1. I am exactly like you, I am not a massive fan of meat but I like a good burger or steak from time to time. I rarely cook meat myself, and only eat it at restaurants. Meat Reducer is the perfect title for me hahaha x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS