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Monday, 28 March 2016

Spring Forward

Once again another month has been and (nearly) gone. So I'm just going to do a quick post of things that have happened for me in March! I hope you enjoyed March and let's get going with the warmer part of the year!

- Had heavy snowfall, it took me and my mum an hour to do a 10 minute drive to work!

- Played with face swap until crying laughing

- Had a week off work, which finishes today! I am kind of glad for though as I've been so busy throughout that work might actually be quite relaxing.
- Painted my windowsill - it doesn't sound like much but I've wanted to do it for ages and now I'm dead happy with it!
- Bought new Ikea furniture - and built the furniture, I am now an expert and could build an Ikea drawer in my sleep.
- Finally bought some ikea Cacti!

- Booked my driving test (scary!)
- Been to see two local bands at pubs - I always forget how much I adore live music!
- Celebrated two of my friends 22nd birthdays and went to a bar in the Northern Quarter in Manchester called Cane and Grain, nice cocktails and great music!
- Finally sent off my Master application so all arms legs fingers and toes crossed that I get a place!!
- Finally found another rose scented moisturiser (body butter) - I had one years ago and I didn't know where from, but this smells gorgeous!

- Celebrated mothers day (link to that post here)
- Celebrated Easter, look at this adorable little face (my little niece)

- Laughed at everyone's fragility and how easily they believe anything on Facebook - this time about Easter Eggs!

I hope everyone enjoyed March, April, let's get going!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx


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