Mother's Day Trip - Rachel Ellen

Monday, 7 March 2016

Mother's Day Trip

 For mothers day, my mum and me went to a local garden centre and had afternoon tea (just in time, they stopped serving it at 2:30 and we ordered at 2:30 - not very good at planning ahead!). Afternoon tea maybe wasn't the most original idea as there seemed to be pictures of everybody having afternoon tea!

Picture of my lovely mum enjoying her afternoon tea, you never think you'll be full of little sandwiches and cakes but somehow you are!

And her picture of me, so flattering. Several chins and no eyes apparently, that's ignoring the circle over my face! However, cheeky NARS lipstick on there 

We then went for a short walk down Rochdale Canal, bitter winds made sure it was short, however it wasn't raining, I'm well and truely amazed! Those white geese were super noisy! Glad I don't have any of them near my house!

What did you get up to with your mums? 

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx


  1. Aw it looks like you had a lovely time and those cakes look really yummy!!! Xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. they were really tasty and so filling! Thank you, we did, and I hope my mum did!