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Friday, 14 August 2015


We all love a nosey inside people's houses and rooms to see what they're like so here's a quick peak into the decorating process of my bedroom.

For now only walls and furniture moving has happened. Lots of saving up to do before I start buying the furniture to go with everything. 

First thing first was making space to begin decorating. I thought I had a lot of stuff to bring home from uni until I had to take things out of my home bedroom. 

And then so everything was stored out of the way I had to take things up to the loft room, up these stairs!!!

I didn't technically do a lot of this bit, brothers who are more experienced with these stairs were definitely more useful than me.

Mum decided to graffiti under the wallpaper so one day somebody will find this!

Think I need to invest in some matching bedding!

 The bed used to be against the wall that the wallpaper is now on, so not only are my walls different, I'm facing a totally different way. Just need to get lots of little purple things now to go with my room. And if anyone has any advise on where to get a pretty make up brush pot that isn't to big either comment on here or tweet me pleeeeeease @reiwwood

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