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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Adjusting: Part 2

Now about 8 weeks since officially moving back home from uni and I think I'm beginning to settle back into it. This weekend I took a trip back to Sheffield to see a few of my course girls (and of course take advantage of Sheffield's nightlife) which was a lovely treat and I can't wait to do it again! Onto the second part of my adjusting post, hopefully by now you've all read part 1 (here if you haven't) That was a post full of moaning, everybody loves a good moan.

But now for the positives of moving back home, there definitely is a lot it's just that negatives tend to stand out more.

1. First things first food. Although in part 1 I had mentioned tea time being difficult to adjust to, tea being ready to eat with no effort from yourself is a novelty that never wears off. Also not going food shopping is always a bonus. I am paying my way at home for food but for that we have a lot nicer food than Aldi 18p curry noodles (however if you're living on a tight budget get straight on them!)

2. Having a dishwasher, maybe this should have been number 1, but food is a priority over everything (sorry not sorry). Not having to wash up your own or others peoples dirty pots, in fact not even having to see them on the kitchen top whilst they're dirty. Never will I love my life without a dishwasher again.

3. Not having to worry about bills. At uni we did have bills included but it was on a fair use policy so we could still go over. This winter will be lovely without the constant worry of how long I can actually leave the heating on for fear of not being able to pay the bill. (but still can't have heating on 24/7 as parents do not like their bills!)

4. If you've spoken to me lately you'll know how much I'm complaining about having to back in work. However, knowing you have a constant wage and it's not a loan that will run out any minute is a much more comfortable feeling. There's something mildly satisfying about earning your own money too.

5. A fully (mostly) functional house. Ignoring the normal household things you have to deal with, not living in a student house is bliss. The stress of actually getting the landlord or letting company out to deal with any problems doesn't get any easier (even when the kitchen ceiling is dripping with water). At home we don't have to suffer with a broken boiler for months or having to walk around a bucket full of water on the kitchen floor.

6. Pubs, coming from a village that has a pub on every corner (slight exaggeration- only slight) it's difficult to go to a city centre where a bog standard normal cheap pub is difficult to come by. Sometimes you just want a quiet and cosy pub that you can relax in rather than one that does 50 different variations of each drink and has blaring music. (I know I left uni but how old am I?)

7. Friends, although my new friends are in all areas of the country, my old friends are within walking distance (mostly). Some of us have been friends for about 17 years, some a lot less but it doesn't make them any less important. My boyfriend being a lot closer is also a lot easier!

8. And of course family, the main thing that isn't with you at uni and the one thing you can't replace with a new one while you're there.

Moving home isn't so bad I suppose...

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