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Monday, 6 July 2015

Graduation Ball

A very delayed post,  but the 21st May was my university graduate ball. I was pretty nervous about going but finding a pretty dress and pretty shoes made it all a bit easier!

Of course my hips look are enormous, I bet you couldn't even guess how much my dress cost me (clue, my shoes cost 6x more than my dress)

The photo booth with all the props was hilarious, and only got more fun the more wine that went down.

It was a lovely send off from uni and of course a great excuse to get dressed up. And possibly thickly coat myself in fake tan as you may notice from the pictures, pastels are difficult for my pale skin and dark hair to pull off.

I realise I don't look THAT tanned but you have to realise the glowing paleness of my skin! (Scottish skin so kindly handed to me from my dad) Oh and favourite ever nail varnish! so blue, so bright *heart eyes emoji*

Working on more posts but unfortunately my LAPtop is more of a tabletop and don't ever move it or it'll turn off.

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

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