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Sunday, 31 August 2014

"Occasional death"

My life currently consists of organising things, working, packing and unpacking (and packing and unpacking a bit more - here's an age-old post about packing), spending money, and being fed up of food.

Fed up of food?! That's not like you Rachel, That's correct Rachel. (potentially lost the plot) I won't go into details but some very painful toothache has left me with antibiotics;

 "Take ONE three times a day [every 8 hours]" 

Further instructions tell me to take them just before eating. I don't know about anybody else, but i definitely don't eat every 8 hours and I don't think I'm awake long enough to cover this time span! This means I'm having to eat before bed, this is following a week not eating much at all due to the pain from the tooth. I never thought I would be unhappy to eat, until now. 

And let me tell you, trying to eat something before bed after going to an all you can eat as an evening meal is more of a challenge than I had cared to previously think about. 

As for the potential side effects;

"These can be serious and occasionally deaths have occurred"

I really feel like "Occasionally" is far too casual to be used in that sentence! So fingers crossed I survive this week of tablets and don't become part of this "Occasion"

So, referring back to the first paragraph, now you must be thinking all that packing must mean lots of travelling and therefore lots of images... 

As per usual that's not really the case but there's a few from my family trip to Scotland:

 Above is the view from our log cabin in Scotland, so peaceful!

Thanks for reading guys, I've said on every post I'll try and get back to blogging twice a week and it's not gone to plan so far. I haven't forgotten about this it's just that 37.5 hours in an admin roll isn't good inspiration.

Hopefully see everyone more often soon!

Rachel xx

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