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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Week Update

Wow I've been so rubbish at blogging! I've been super busy since my last post (and for a good few weeks before that) But I don't really have a lot to talk about. My most important news is finishing second year of uni, finally! I was so excited I couldn't get my snapchat picture the same way as the writing, useless!

After my permanent state of panic and 15,000 words in 5 different assignments, I finally got there (and yes, I have used a hair grip as a paperclip on one of my assignments)

I've been on a few walks, and have no pictures because I'm an even worse blogger than I originally thought, but they are places I will probably go back to this summer. I promise to be better with pictures, so look out for future posts about different parks and lakes I might be going to.

On Sunday I went to a place called Gordon Riggs (a garden centre with a little cafe) with my mum, dad and niece. Me and my Mum shared such a nice afternoon tea:
it had the little buckets of sauce, a plant pot of salad and it was super tasty.

So now, the brief weekend of sun in England is over, I'm back in work four days a week - no rest for the wicked - and hopefully I can get a lot more blog posts fired at you

thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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