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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Nostalgia for ... Uniform?

There's actually a lot of things I miss from school - I actually had quite a good high school experience overall. There are many things I don't miss of course.

But one thing I definitely didn't think I'd miss was the uniform, not the actual uniform because I mean, is there anything less flattering than these jumpers?

There's such a limited supply of pictures of me in my school uniform and I don't really know what's going on here but I know there's a skateboard involved - it was like 5 years ago!

And as for tying a tie everyday, I can't say I did a particularly good job:
This is from leavers day, I didn't always have writing on my shirt!

But surely I'm not the only one who misses waking up in a morning and knowing what I will be wearing already, rather than getting to university and catching a reflection of myself and wondering how - even at 8 o'clock - I deemed my outfit acceptable. This along with trying to not wear the same thing too often, and hoping nobody notices if you wear the same thing twice in one week "it has been washed honestly!" (well I think

Of course there are many other things I miss about school but this is one thing I think about a lot!

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