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Monday, 17 April 2017

Instagram Themes...

Today I wanted to have a little talk about Instagram themes. For those that don't know, many people stick to a certain theme on their Instagram page, whether that be all black and white, all featuring the colour red, all having a white background etc. It's quite common among bloggers.

Personally, my Instagram is whatever makes me happy, an event, a pretty picture I've taken, some food, an occasional picture of me, usually when I like my makeup... It's a photo sharing app so I just share regardless of colour, shape, anything else.

Very honestly, I rarely follow accounts that have themes. I don't usually look at peoples own pages, I just look on my feed, so the theme doesn't really have any impact on me.

I don't want to see really same-y pictures all the time, I've come across some pages that re-post, or have a slightly re-arranged shot, I just find it a little boring #sorrynotsorry

I adore Instagram - though I do agree with EVERYONE, put it in chronological order Insta, come on! I love seeing people be creative with photography, I love to see what pictures people choose when you might only pick one. I love that people post selfies, woohoo to self confidence!

I'm just looking forward to themes being a thing of the past.

What do you think of Instagram themes? Do you have one?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx

Ps. if you want to follow my random selection of posts with no theme at all, it's @racheleiwood

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