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Friday, 6 June 2014

Blue Planet Aquarium

Earlier this week I went to Blue Planet Aquarium  in Cheshire. Being someone who's always loved animals and my boyfriend being a fisherman, this was definitely a good idea for a day out for us.

 The biggest clown fish I've ever seen, it was bigger than the size of the palm of my hand.

 It can't just be me that finds stingray's faces hilarious?

 Otters eating dead chicks. fairly gross but they're still super cute!

 A selfie with a shark was a lot more challenging than I thought, they move way too fast! Below, I just about managed one with a stingray but unfortunately my face let the side down (not that my eye on the one above didn't!)

We also watched the sting ray feed where they told us the animals in the curved tunnel look only 2/3 of their actual size, if you've been  I'm sure you can imagine how scary the real size must be.

I realise this is quite a lazy post with mostly pictures, but let's be honest, if you see a post about an aquarium, all you're really interested in is the pictures!

Thanks for reading

Rachel xx

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